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up to 60 mins with an instructor showing you how to use the equipment in the gym. 

This  will give you chance to meet one of the HUG team and learn how the equipment works so you know what to do when you come in for your workout.

Equipment included: Treadmills, Cross Trainer,Bikes,Rower,Stepper,Adductor/Abductor,Leg ext/Leg Curl, Pec dec, Lat Pull Down, Leg Press, Assisted Pull up, Tricep/Bicep on Double Cable.



We offer 121 training, train with a friend and small group training. 

Lots of packages to support you end goal!


Our Personal Trainers can provide exactly what you need to help support you to achieve your goals, mentally and physically. 


Take a look at our Personal Training page to see which trainer may suit you best. We offer a  free no obligation telephone consultation to help you choose the right personal trainer for you.



Nicola is one of our Personal Trainer's and is a qualified Instructor who can work with a range of medical conditions. Looking to exercise but worried your condition may interfere with your workout why not speak to Nicola for advice and support.

Health Conditions Nicola covers:

Pre/post Natal, Orthopaedic conditions, Hypertension/High Blood Pressure, Diabetes type 1 & 2, Lower back Pain, Obesity, Cardiovascular diesese, Dyslipidaemia, Asthma, Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 

Osteoporosis/ Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid arthritis, Joint replacements,

Respiratory disease, Musculoskeletal disease, Mental Health/ Stress/ Anxiety 

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A gym plan gives you a workout specific to your ideal goals and lifestyle. You will be asked some questions to enable the instructor to plan you your perfect workout. You have 1 hour with your instructor going through your plan.

You will be supported to give you the confidence to come in to use your plan in your own time.

We recommend a review to progress your plan, ideally 4-6 weeks after your first appointment.

Cost of review is £25 when booked within the 6 week period.



Our health checks gives us a breakdown of your body results supporting your journey within the gym and fitness classes. Our health check will breakdown the following:

- Weight

- Body fat %

- Muscle Mass

- Bone Mass

- Metabolic rate/age


- Blood Pressure

- Water %

- Measurements

This package gives you 4 health checks to use when you want!

Are you a Member? Then contact us to book your first Health Check for FREE!! 

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