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At Healthy U we have 2 Personal Trainers with different backgrounds and who specialise in different areas.

Nicola - Able to work with ladies with a health condition. 

Amanda - Loves using bands, steps and weights to build and tone

To learn more about which instructor is right for you, please read below.

To book a consultation with one of our trainers, please contact us to arrange a free no obligation chat. Our trainers are happy to speak to you and go through all of you options with no obligation. 



Hi, Im Nicola, I have been at Healthy U since the gym opened in 2015 and I really enjoy supporting women to become a better version of themselves. 

My passion is Pilates and I specialise with  women who want to improve their overall health and fitness.  I can support you to loose weight, build muscle or just tone up.


As a qualified GP referral Instructor, this allows me to also work with anyone who has a health condition. I can work with a range of different conditions such as Arthritis, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Back Pain, and anyone who struggle's with their weight and/or mental health. I am also trained to work with pre and post-natal women, I love to support their journey. 

If you are looking to improve mobility, flexibility, increase strength, or improve your overall health & fitness I would love to hear from you.


1 hour session £45. Perfect for

introductory to a gym

Book 4 or more £35 per session

All sessions need to be paid in full.

Non members will need to pay

additional fees to cover day pass

- £6 per session



Hi, I'm Amanda, I started teaching back in 2019 and was running a mix of classes in Hemel such as  Dancing,Toning and Trampolining, Then covid hit !

I didn't really have a plan as such but I knew I would use the time to study for my personal training course to get that done but during lockdown i was lucky enough to get on a Xtreme Hip Hop Step course in april and became the first Uk instructor, I then went on to do Mixxedfit, Mash it up Dance  plus put together Sculpt,Body Bounce and Bootylish,I finished my level 3 Personal Training and With that Proud as a Peacock Fitness was born.


I have built up a Peacock empire and am now taking on 121 sessions as a Personal Trainer at Healthy u as well as teaching my classes there weekly.

One of my passions when training is band work,There is so much you can achieve by adding bands to workouts. If you're looking to build muscle and tone up then I can help you with that.Using Glute bands, Steps and weights as part of our sessions I can help you tone up the areas you would like to shape or work on the most.

If you are looking to make changes then get in touch, I would love to help.


1 hour session £35. Perfect for introductory to a gym 

Book 4 or more £30 per session  

All sessions need to be paid in full. Non members will need to pay additional fees to cover day pass - £6 per session




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