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Hi, I am Nicola, I have been at Healthy U since the gym opened in 2015 and I really enjoy supporting women to become a better version of themselves. 

My passion is Pilates and I specialise with  women who want to improve their overall health and fitness.  I have programmes to help weight loss, build muscle and tone up. As well as pre/post natal and post surgery recovery programmes.


As a qualified GP referral Instructor, this allows me to also work with anyone who has a health condition. I can work with a range of different conditions such as Arthritis, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Back Pain, and anyone who struggle's with their weight and/or mental health. I am also trained to work with pre and post-natal women. 

If your looking for support in a certain area then get in touch for a chat. I can prescribe the ideal programme for you and advise you on how I can help.

  • Fat Burner - Weight loss

  • Strong - Muscle gain

  • Tone & Lift  - Muscle endurance

  • Recovery - Post injury or operation 

  • Pre/Post Natal  - During pregnancy or after birth 


Single Session Purchase:

  • Perfect for introductory to a gym

  • One off check in session

  • Correct form or support with weight load.

1 hour £45.00  / 30 minute £25.00

Personal Training 121 Packages

60 min Sessions

  • x6 Sessions £210

  • x12 Sessions £360

30 min Sessions

  • x8 Sessions £160

Terms and Conditions apply. All Sessions will expires 6 months after purchase!

Maintenance Programme - £110 per month

(Minimum 3 months required, one months notice to cancel)

Perfect for anyone who has completed one of my programmes and reached their goal but still wishes to continue with support or is looking at this long term and wants the support regularly.

Regular monthly payments will include:

  • 1x60 minute 121 session every week

  • 1x15 mins stretch session twice a month

Terms and Conditions apply. Sessions cannot be transferred to another month. 


If you want to start your fitness journey to becoming the best version of yourself then get in touch. We will start with a telephone chat then move on to getting to know each other more and meeting up to start the sessions. All clients will need a membership or a Day Pass to train in the gym. This is not included in the PT Prices. Payments can be broken down in to instalments please discuss this with me.


Look forward to meeting you.

Nicola x

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