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Terms and Conditions

Lifestyle Studio and Healthy U Education and Well-being Facility CIC

Trading name: Healthy U Ladies Gym

Terms and Conditions will also be received in your welcome pack when you come and collect your key fob.

About this agreement

Definitions – ‘we’ ‘us’ ‘gym’ ‘facility’ ‘club’ refers to Healthy U our trading name of the company Lifestyle studios and Healthy u Education and well-being facility CIC.

‘You’ ‘Your’ ’Yours’ refers to the individual completing the membership application.

1: Your Obligation

1.0 You understand we are a paperless facility; all sign-ups are done electronically.

1:1 You are acknowledging and agreeing to all our terms and conditions outlined in this document.

1:2 You agree if you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions it will result in your membership being suspended. You understand your contract would still be outstanding. Refunds will not be issued. Your contract will still need to be paid in full. You will be restricted from using the club facilities.

1:3 You agree to follow all gym rules. (Refer to club rules attached)

1:4 You agree to keep your personal details updated with the club. You can do this by emailing us.

1:5 Follow all health and safety requirements when using the facilities. (Refer to club rules attached)

1:6 You will be asked to fill in a PARQ when you sign up online. Please answer this honestly. See club rules for more detailed information. Refer to club rules.

1.7 You agree you will not pass on your fob to anyone. You will always enter the building alone, closing the door behind you, unless arranged before with us.

1.8 You agree to pay £5 to replace any lost fobs.

1.9 You agree to pay upfront for all stock and products taken.

1.10 You agree to keep up to date with your membership payments and fulfil your contract and follow the termination procedure. Refer to 5.0.

2: Data protection

2.0 We will store your information under a secure data base with Clubmanager.

2:1 We are registered under the Data protection regulation.

2:2 The data base we use to store your information is Clubmanager. Payments are set up as a direct debit and taken by Go Cardless/Stripe

2:3 Your information will never be passed onto any other company and will only be used by us.

2:4 You are within your right to request any information from us which we hold on you. Any request for information please does so in writing and allow 14 working days to receive this.


3: Memberships

3.0 When joining you agree to pay your membership on time on the arrange date each time.

3.1 The Joining fee for all our memberships are £12 and must be paid up front.

3:2 If you renew your membership, you will be expected to use the same fob. Otherwise, a £5 fee will apply.

3:3 All our memberships will have a £12 joining fee to cover the fob and paperwork and the sign up procedure.

3:4 Direct debits will be set up by GoCardless and taken monthly on either the 1st or 15th of the month.

3:5 Your first payment may include a pro-rata fee. This covers the days before the membership payment is due.

3.6 Once payment has been taken; we are unable to offer any refunds unless fault on our side.

3.7 All memberships are non-refundable nor transferable, we do not offer a cooling off period.

3.8 You must complete your agreement before your membership can be terminated. But understand after the commitment period your membership will continue until you email us to cancel. Refer to 5.0.

3.9 You may terminate your membership to end once the agreement has been completed. Refer to 5.0

3.10 You cannot cancel your direct debit before completing all payments and contacting us by email. Cancelling your direct debit will result in missed payment procedure. Refer to 6.0.

3.11 Memberships will have an annual increase to keep up with inflations. You will be notified by email and given at least 30 days’ notice or more before the changes will automatically take effect.

3.12 Any discounted memberships will need proof. NHS works, proof of age/education for student’s discount. Without the proof all discounts will be removed, and full price of membership will be required. You will be liable for the full price of the membership you joined on without discount if in date proof is not given.


4.0 After the commitment period 

4.1 All Memberships will continue to roll after the contracted commitment period.

4.2 If your membership was activated under an offer this will automatically be increased to the current membership price at the end of your commitment period and will continue to roll until were notified by email.

4.3 If you want your membership to end after the commitment period you must follow the cancellation procedure. Refer to 5.0.

4.4 No refunds will be issued when cancellation policy has not been followed.

4.5 A yearly membership price increase may be added after your commitment period.


5.0 Cancellations/Terminations

5.0 All memberships must be cancelled by emailing

5.1 Cancellations require a month’s notice which is taken from the next billing date after receiving the notice and can only be cancelled after the agreed commitment period.

5.2 Your membership will not be properly cancelled until you have emailed us, we will always email back to confirm.

5.3 You cannot cancel your direct debit under any circumstances until we confirm your account is up to date and no further payments will be taken.

5.4 A months payment is required as a last payment before your membership can be cancelled successfully.

5.5 It is your responsibility to contact us by email if you wish to end your membership, giving the required months’ notice.

5.6 We are unable to offer any refunds for any payments made outside of the contract if HealthyU was not notified in writing in time for cancellation.

5.7 A month notice is required to cancel any membership. A months’ notice period goes from your next billing date, once HealthyU has been notified. You will need to email us with a months’ notice to terminate your membership and avoid the price increase.

5.8 Any payments taken after the commitment period without HealthyU being notified of your termination cannot be refunded.

5.9 You can upgrade your membership anytime by emailing HealthyU, for example, Gym Only to a Gym and Class.

5.10 You are unable to switch to an offer. It is against our policy to cancel a membership then re-sign up another membership under a new offer.

5.11 You cannot down grade your membership while still in contract. For example, Gym and Class membership to a Gym Only

5.12 If you wish to cancel your membership on medical grounds, you will be expected to get a doctor’s note if you are still in contract. Doctors note may incur cost on your side. Doctors note should suggest you are unfit to continue your gym membership, that they recommend this is cancelled due to the medical condition. As soon as the note is received, cancellation of membership will be done.

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any payments which are taken around the date of cancellation due to being unable to stop the payment in time.

5.13 We are unable to cancel due to moving away or out of the area.If you are moving out of the area, we are unable to end your agreement before the commitment period ends. You will need to complete your commitment period before we are able to terminate your membership. All terminations need to be email to HealthyU, with a month notice starting from the next billing date. You are required to update us with your new details via email if you move while still in contract with HealthyU. Refer to 5.0


6.0 Missed payments and procedure.

6.1 Any missed payments will restrict your entry into the facilities until the payment is paid.

6.2 Your fob and app will be disarmed until payment is received.

6.3 Once we are notified your payment was not successful, we will follow the missed payments procedure.

Missed Payments Procedure 6.4 We will instruct GoCardless to retry taking payment. If GoCardless is unable to take the funds missed payment procedure will start. You will receive an email, please make sure the funds are available. Refer to 6.0.

6.4a. Day 1, First phone call, email to confirm call.

6.4b. Day 14, Second phone call, email to confirm call.

6.4c. Day 21, Final Call, and an email to explain you have 7 days to make contact otherwise your account will be passed onto debt agency.

6.4d. Day 28, 7 days pass and no contact or payment, your account will be passed over and Healthy U can no longer be able to deal with your payment/account.

6.4e If contact is made and you confirm you will pay the money owed but do not pay, we will follow the same procedure.

6.4d If You have 28 days to make payment otherwise your account will be passed over to the debt agency and additional fees will occur. Refer to 6.9.

6.4g Once passed over to our debt agency we will no longer be able to deal with your account. Refer to 6.9

6.5 Once passed onto debt agency, all contact will need to be made with the debt agency until the account has been paid and is up to date. Refer 6.9

6.6 Once we have been notified your account payment has been made, by Daniel Silverman LTD we will update your account and you can therefore return if you wish as a member to the facilities.

6.7. We will do our best to contact you before debt company is involved. If you do not make contact, we will have no other option but to pass over your account to the debt agency. Refer 6.9

6.8 If you are having financial difficulties, please contact us so we can come to some arrangement and avoid extra charges.

Debt agency – Daniel Silverman 6.9 We require payment to terms. Payment must be made on time, in full, and without any deductions, off set or counterclaim. In the event that an account is outstanding, we will refer the matter to our debt collection agents, Daniel Silverman Ltd, which will in incur additional costs. The additional costs incurred to collect the debt will be added to the debt, plus VAT at the prevailing rate. You agree that you will be legally liable to pay the outstanding account plus additional costs, and that payment of the same can be in forced against you in court. If applicable, you also agree to pay compensation and interest at the relevant reference rate as provided for under the late payment and commercial debts (interest) act 1998.


7.0 Closure

7.1. HealthyU has the right to close for maintenance, repairs, or refurbishments for up to 30 days without it effecting your membership price/payment.

7.2. HealthyU, will issue 30 days’ notice if such request is needed. After the 30 days if the facilities have still not opened, you are within your right to request for your membership to be frozen or terminated.

7.2a You can only terminate your membership if you are out of contract. Refer to 5.0.

7:3 If HealthyU, had to close for any reason which was out of their control, such as an ‘act of god’ this does not automatically mean your account will be frozen nor terminated.

7.4 HealthyU, has the right to be closed for 30 days before making any changes to the monthly fees.

7.5 Any situation will be closely assessed, and all members will be updated with the situation regularly.

7.6 After 30 days, if HealthyU, is still unable to open due to ‘act of god’ you are within your right to request for your membership to be frozen in writing preferably via email. If out of contract, you can request to be terminated. Any months frozen will be added onto the end of your contract when the facilities re-open the payments will automatically re-start and payments will resume as normal.

7.7 HealthyU will close all 8 Bank Holiday. We will be closed all Easter weekend (4 days) Christmas Eve and NYE. This does not affect your rights.


Freezing accounts 

8.0 Any accounts on freeze will have all payments stopped. You will need to email to request this.

8.1 An end date and reason are required to freeze an account. We will email you your end freeze date once authorised.

8.2 It is your responsibility to contact us if you wish to extend this date. You will need to do this before the freeze date ends to prevent any payments being created.

8.3 We are unable to refund any payments which come out if we are not provided enough notice to freeze your account.

8.4 Upon freezing accounts, if your payment date is within 7 days of freeze, we may not have enough time to stop that payment, and this may still be taken. We cannot refund any payments.

8.5 All access into the facilities and services that we offer will be paused.

8.6 Freezing requests can only be done by email.

8.7 We do not freeze for holidays.

8.8 The contract agreement will still need to be fulfilled; any frozen months authorised will be added onto the end of the agreement. This does not void any payments of agreement.

8.9 We may freeze for medical; a doctor’s note will be requested before this can be activated. Doctors may charge for such a letter. We will need to know the reason for being unable to use the gym and how long for. This does not affect your contract nor void any payments. Any frozen payments will be added onto the end of your agreement.

8.10 We do freeze for Ramadan (1 month) if you choose not to use the facilities. The month freeze will be added onto the end of your contract. You will need to email us close to the date in which you wish to freeze your membership payment. We cannot freeze after. Freeze will only be granted as long as your account is up to date, and you have no missing payments.

8.11 If you become redundant, we may be able to support you by freezing your account, document from work for proof of redundancy dates will be needed to be able to activate the freeze. We cannot freeze your account longer than 3 months. All frozen months will be added onto the end of your membership to fulfil your agreed contract.

8.12 Any financial difficulties will need to be discussed, your contract agreement is still outstanding and need to be paid. We recommend you contact us and speak to management and arrange a solution. This may affect your access into HealthyU, and all services.


All our terms and conditions can change from time to time. We are within our rights to do this and will highlight this to you via email when such update happens. 

Please make sure we always have your updated details. If your details change, please let us know. We will email regularly to keep you updated with what’s happening at HealthyU, so please ensure we have the correct information so we can keep you updated. 

It is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct details from you. Check your emails and junk monthly if you haven’t received anything please email us so we can check our records. If you need any additional support/advise please contact us, we are more than happy to help.


©Lifestyle studios and Healthy u Education and Wellbeing facility CIC 2024


Please be always respectful to staff and members. Fail to follow the rules will result in your membership being cancelled. Please see terms and conditions.


Inductions are optional but are strongly advised. Please email us to book an appointment for assistance with the machines the cost for an Induction is chargeable for an hour with a qualified instructor explaining the equipment and how to use it safely. If you decide not to have an induction, you are agreeing you are using the equipment at your own risk. Any injury’s due to misuse is not HealthyU nor the staff responsibility. Your safety is important to us, and we recommend you have an induction to ensure use of the equipment safely. 

HealthyU also offers affordable programs, health checks and personal training. Please email us to arrange a chat with a member of staff if you are interested in one of our additional services. These services need to be pre-booked.

Health and Safety

We supply blue roll and disinfectant spray. Please use this to wipe down any touch points to ensure the health and safety of others using the machines after you. No food, glass, non-bottled drinks are allowed in the gym. No alcohol or Illegal substances are to be used on the HealthyU, premises. HealthyU, is a non-smoking environment.  Your safety is paramount to us. Please notify us of any spillages or broken machines. Please email us if no one is around.



When using the locker, it is your responsibility to keep the key safe. Leave the key in the locker once used. The locker key must not leave the facilities. Anything left in the lockers at the end of the day will be removed. If not collected within 30 days will be sent to the local charity. Any taken lockers keys will be charged for if not brought back. We will use the CCTV to determine who and will be in touch to discuss bring the locker key back.



Parking can be an issue during busy times. Please make sure when parking you do not block any garages or entrances to people’s homes or businesses. Do not park behind the gym blocking the narrow pathway behind, nor block the entrance to the MOT garage. When parking please be mindful of other cars getting around you. You can park at the top by the youth centre but do not block the garages. Alternatively, there are 2 car parks less than a 2 min walk at the shops which are free and no time limit, please park there and walk round. We are not liable for any damage.


Refer a friend

Referring friends and bringing a friend with you is welcomed, but please email us or speak to a member of staff before they turn up. Appointments are needed to be made for all potential new members to ensure their safety. Forms and PARQ will need to be completed before entering the gym.


Mixed Gender Areas

This is a ladies-only wellbeing facility although the reception area is a mixed gender area. We are also an educational facility and do accommodate male students and staff. For educational purposes a male student may enter the gym with an instructor this will be always assisted. Our education Centre runs Monday-Friday 9am-3pm if you wish to avoid. You will be notified beforehand by Clublink app if any Males need to enter the gym.

Membership ID

In some cases, ID is required when joining. This could be driving/provisional licence, Birth Certificate, Passport. NHS/Student Valid cards.



Please make sure you always wear suitable clothing and footwear when working out in gym or doing classes. This is to ensure you safety. You will be asked to change before entering the gym if you do not wear the correct clothing or footwear. Sportswear and trainers are always recommended. 


Door system/fobs

You must use your fob to gain entry into the facility at all times. Located on the front of the entry door. The door magnet will release. Please do not pull hard on the door. Please ensure the door is closed behind you when you leave and enter the building. This is your responsibility, fail to do so may affect your membership. Please help us keep the gym safe. You MUST enter alone and MUST not pass your fob on to anyone else nor allow anyone to come in with you. Lost and misplaced fobs will be charged for at a rate of £5. Misuse of your membership/fob may result in a termination although contract monthly payments will still be outstanding and need to be paid.  


Facility entry 

The Gym Opening Times 

Monday to Thursday 6am-9pm, Fridays 9am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm

We ask that the final entrance is 30 mins before closing. This is to ensure all workouts are completed and staff can start to clean and tidy up the gym ready to close at the correct time. You will be asked to leave if you try to enter after this time.



Products are available to you at a cost and will be displayed in reception. You must pay upfront by cash or bank transfer. Details are located at reception. We do not accept cards. Taking products without payment may result in your membership being terminated. Although you will still be liable for any outstanding payments on your contract. Stock checks are done every day and cameras are checked. If staff are not available, please contact us before purchasing any products or stock. 



The facilities sometimes are un-manned. HealthyU, is insured for an un-manned gym. There are cameras located in and around the property to ensure the safety of all members, staff, and property. These are monitored daily. Someone is always on standby to help with any concerns. We have a direct number to call if any issues/concerns arise.



We are a child free facility. Children are not permitted in the gym. We are not insured to have children in the facility unless attending one of our fitness sessions. We are not responsible for young children to be left unattended in the reception area.



You will be asked to fill in a PARQ when you sign up.  Please answer this honestly. The purpose of a PARQ is to ensure HealthyU and staff are aware of any physical or medical conditions which may affect your ability or suitability to take part in activities. HealthyU is not liable for any injury’s if we were unaware of any conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure we are kept always updated with your health and fitness to ensure we can support and deliver a safe and effective advice. The purpose of exercise is to help you achieve health and fitness goals. We will advise you based upon your present activity/exercise levels and the goals you wish to achieve. You will experience some feelings of exertion during exercise activity’s and may become hot and uncomfortable at times. Your breathing and heart rate will increase because of these activities. As your fitness improves, we may advice you to participate in more vigorous levels of activity, but these should remain within your capabilities. All activities will be explained and demonstrated to you if in class, but you should feel free to ask any questions you may have. Any exercise activity comes with an element of risk. An induction is designed to minimise risk by explaining how to use the equipment safely. Please inform staff if there is any reason why you should not participate in an activity so we can advise accordingly. If at any time you feel undue pain or excessive discomfort you should stop the activity immediately. This also applies during online classes. 


We kindly request you respect our gym rules, terms and conditions and our policy's to be read and followed by all members and staff. Fail to follow may result in restriction/termination of your members.

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