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Hello, and thank you for coming to our website. We hope you have found everything you were looking for. Weather its the Gym, Classes, U16 Classes or Girls Football. The easiest way to join us is to register with us using the link on this page and then download our app, (ClubLink)  this is where you can then join as a member or you can pay as you go. You can also message us directly through the app for a quicker response if you have any questions. Please note messages from Friday afternoon - Sunday may not be responded to until Monday.


Are you thinking of joining us?

To get started please use the registration form to register with us. Once completed you will receive an email on how you can download our ClubLink App and then you will have access to everything we offer. 


Registered and now have the Clublink app?

Great, you can now see our memberships, message us, book a visit or book on to any of our classes as a pay as you go member. You can also message us directly if you cant find what your looking for please message us to ask.


Still not sure?

Why not complete the Contact Form and a member of staff will be in contact to answer any questions you might have. We can then arrange the perfect time for you to pop in and have a look and meet us. we offer appointments Monday-Friday during our opening times. We do not always have someone on reception so please contact us first to make sure someone is available for you. 

Look forward to working with you

Healthy U team x

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